Hotel Michelle
  Everyday, a new reason why I like this website less. Introducing:

My cousin married this guy, they are the Manchaks and that is their website, which is better organized and cuter than mine. Argh! That annoys me. One day I will redesign Hotel Michelle and it will be all kinds of deluxe-o-supremo with whistles and bells and uniform sidebars on every page and lots of interesting details. . . . Or maybe cousin Mindy will do it for me since it turns out she's got an eye for web-design? No probably not. That site of hers is just now up after (and this is just between me and you), a looooong time on the drawing board. Meanwhile, this old thing? I whipped it up from scratch in under 3 minutes while baking cookies, reciting The Bible backwards in Italian and crocheting bandages for lepers in third world countries all at the same time. So there. Oh and a P.S. in case that big fat compliment was a little too round-about for Mrs. Fancy Pants Web-Girl Manchak? Way to go on the new hairdo. Love it.

See for yourself, people of the internet: isn't Mindy's new hairdo the stylingest thing ever?

It looks a little bit like a modified helmut-cut and the grainyness of that picture (all of my pictures lately for some reason, argh!) is anything but flattering, but the thing is I've never seen her looking so done like that. It makes me weep to think that maybe in some way I've touched her life, maybe in some small way I had a part in this new Mindy that uses styling products.

If you like Mindy's hair too and would like to tell her so, why then please do drop her a line at manchaksAThotmailDOTcom. And her husband there, looking so poised and "who's your daddy?" in that picture: you can comment on his hair at that address, too.

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