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  Elder Brother I'm not precisely sure why he went in the first place, but today my sole Elder
Brother is returning from a two-year mission for the church. He's
been preaching the gospel in Mandarin Chinese, saving souls and that
sort of thing for a good solid 24 months now and tonight he'll be back

We didn’t so much get along all too well throughout the growing up years. But I have this inner urging that just won’t quit that makes me want more than a whole lot of other things to get along now anyway. It’s one of the reasons I’ve stuck around Florida for so long. To be at the airport tonight.

I do believe that there is some sort of biological law in place where
somehow certain people because of their biological similarities are eternally
drawn to one another. We're talking about family here.

Because my family? is just absolutely in-sane. I could drop some details here
but then one of them would probably read it be like WTF? F obviously standing
for something wholesome like fudge or floral arrangement. Obviously.

And that is beside the point. What I’m saying is that I can’t wait to see my brother. Even though my family is weird and they annoy me lots there isn’t a thing in this world that could take the place of this biological unit. It’s such a funny thing. 
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