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  Blondage VHI has really changed. They've replaced the Pop-Up-Video reruns with all of these little tv specials. AND, Inspired by VH1's Ultimate Hollywood Blonde Special and also in the spirit of change, I'm posting a picture here of me with a wig on my head. I'm thinking about changing my hair. Because I read somewhere that Ashlee Simpson said something like "you only live once so why not have turqouise hair for a little while" or something like that and I really believe that, I do. Why not have blonde hair for a while? So, Let me know what you think. Except if you are going to say something that is mean, because I don't like mean people or their e-mails and I think that people who send mean e-mails should find something better to do. Really. I do. Because as real as the internet world is to me, and you know that it occupies a highly unhealthy amount of my time, the real world is even realer and really? It's just better if you're nice to the people of the internet.

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Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

I spend excessive, unhealthy amounts of time online. Usually I'm reading blogs, sometimes I'm working on my website, if I’m not doing that, I'll look up random stuff and decide that I'm educating myself about current events. When I was growing up I thought that People Magazine was the news because my Mom read it all.the.time. I say inappropriate things in public. I'm almost always wearing the same things. I have a lot of clothes, but there are like 5 things that I always wear. I went to school, never graduated and I don't think that I will. Not from there, anyway. But I do want to finish a degree somewhere. I love hotels. I really just want to wrap up all of the school stuff so that I can own my own hotels. Michelle's hotels. Doesn't that sound pretty? Except I wouldn't call them that. I don't know what I would call them. I love so much music. It makes no sense how I can get down to such a wide and odd variety. I am talking from Wilson Phillips to Petey Pablo. It's because I didn't really start listening to music besides church music till later in life so it's all just like WOW, so fascinating to me. Maybe, I don't know, I tend to overanalyze.

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