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  The Adventures of Michelle, Danielle and the Barbie Jeep from Hell No. Is it really Friday night? Yes, it is. And here is Michelle, sitting in bed, watching 48 hours, wearing pajamas and wondering to myself what happened here? I left the school and job thinking that I would take some time to work, do something different, anything to get out of that silly small-town for a while.

And now here I am this full-blown child-care extraordinaire, I spend more time with children than I do adults and I so did not set out to do this. I filled-in one day teaching swimming to the children of the Montessori school and now I�m at almost every class. Then I bumped into a family friend at Starbucks who said to me �Oh Michelle! I�m so glad that I saw you, can you watch my daughter?� And then I watched her again. and again. Then their neighbors were like �Hey, watch our kid, too!� And now, it�s almost a full-time job. I babysit. I am a babysitter.

Remember when I left New York and I was like, WHOA! Nannying is so not for me!? I was so relieved to discard that title. I thought to myself, �What was I thinking?!� And now look at me! Today I played with play-dough, colored with crayons, beaded bracelets, went to the tot-lot walking alongside a Barbie Jeep ( hate that Barbie Jeep), built a castle for �The Princesses�, complete with a pool so that the princesses could get tan, because it is very important that the imaginary princesses of this world are tan. oh and that pool? filled with lake water that I carried over by the bucket, while Danielle walked alongside me with empty buckets in each hand, singing Zippity-Doo-Dah. We went swimming, baked a cake, and frosted it blue, and that was all before 4:00. I really didn�t know that I had it in me.

Oh, but wait, just a side-note on that Barbie Jeep? Dear sweet little Danielle, bless-her-heart, she could press the gas (sort of) but no matter how I tried to explain it, she could not steer. So instead, I stood over her, my right hand on the back seat, my left on the wheel, steering it along, but stopping ever few feet and then reminding her to keep her foot on the gas-thing. This all took place in 95 degree weather. Ninety! Five! Degree! Weather!

And this is my life. For now. Really, who would�ve thought? Not me.

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