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  Nothing But Blue Skies This break has been rejuvenating. I�ve been sleeping and eating good and having no schedule, just doing whatever I want to. Helps me to see the grander scheme of things and all of my senses are sharper and I have this feeling of balance despite the lack of stability at the moment.

Since 1997 my family has lived in this house in Florida. That�s seven years that they have been here and I have never ever been so aware of how extraordinarily picturesque this place is. Maybe it�s more striking now that the trees have gotten fuller and the development has been completely developed but even outside of this little community, I�m always thinking to myself how unbelievably beautiful everything is.

There is something different about the East Coast (or maybe just being outside of Utah?) and I can feel the influence it has on my mind. I think that people are like plants. Location and climate matter. You don�t see palm trees growing in Iowa and you don�t see big �ole Evergreens here in South Florida. I appreciate a lot of things about Utah, but have never been able to grow roots in that soil.

When I was thinking about where to go from New York last week, friends in the UT suggested that I go back there but I just couldn�t. I�m different there and I hate to blame it on the location, but I think I was like a plant out of place in that state. Since I left I�ve been to New York and to Florida and I�ve liked so many things about both places so much more that I just don�t feel like going back to stay. The difference in the way I feel is too good.

So anyway, these couple of weeks away have been like Miracle Grow for my soul. I love that I went to New York and even though it was so unplanned, this trip to Florida has been such a good thing.

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